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Astrology is The Study Of The Movements and Relative Positions Of The Celestial Bodies

& Their Supposed Influence on Events And Characters.....to Know More
Numereology is The Study Of The Numbers To Find Out The Hidden Mysteries And Magical

Effects And Influence of Those Numbers On The Subject.....to Know More
Palmistry is The Study Of The Contents Of Palm-Lines,Mounts,Signs, etc and Reveals The

Past, Present And Future.....to Know More

Predictions No More

A Tradition

Not Only An Art

But A "Science" Now.

Forecasting Is

Not Only An Art Or

Science But A

Power Of

Intitution & Innerself.

Herbal Theraphy:-
Spritual Science:-
Gems Therephy:-
Treatment Of Various Physical & Body Ailments Through Natural Herbs,It's Roots, Stems,

Leaves, Flowers,Seeds is a very Strong Herbal Therapy Which Give Long term solutions

of any disease.....to Know More
Vastu Is The Study Of Nature Which Has Numerous Hidden Source of Energy To keep

The Atmosphere Of Offices, Land and Buildings, Flats & Houses Calm and Progressive.

....to Know More
Spiritual Sciences is the study of Effects of Meditations, Yogas, Mantras, Yantras,

Tantras and Various Mysterious Occultic Sciences.....to Know More
Gems and Their Various Forms of Yantras, Rings, & Extracts are The natural Source of

Energy and have Tremendous Healing Power of Various Incurable & Chronic Diseases.

....to Know More
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Aakar Se Nirakar Tak.We believe in Perfection. But unfortunately we all are imperfects. We believe in God but we don't believe in it's existence & structure. But at every stage of life some unknown miracles, some unexpected eventualities make you believe in God. God is everywhere-present in every part of this universe, and so the "LOVE". Love and God are synonyms. And since Love is very deeply rooted into the services and such services are the base of Female Genetics so the Love-Services-Women and God somewhere in our Vedic Texts in India have been treated as Supreme. From God to Friend to daughter My love is dedicated to the supreme Services they all are providing to the mankind. I more believe in Imperfections. I am not perfect. Not even for a single moment I treat myself a perfect human identity. So I am learning and learning from people from nature and from God. I decided to visit Lord Shiva on my Intuitions to visit his unseen, unpredictable, non-existed world of Power, Energy, Strength, and supreme administrations. I know I could not but just on the instincts and call of God I move ahead on a journey with all my Imperfections. I got some intuitive words of lyrics, I compose it imperfectly and started singing imperfectly. As I started singing lot of people all imperfect who were around me on this journey started accompanying me with their rural and contemporary instruments of music with their dedication and devotion to GOD and Lord shiva. Even the Nature, natural sounds of flowing rivers, Blowing winds and chirping birds started getting more strong on such a peaceful serene and silent trends and path. Everyone pacing with me was creating developing and composing some sounds and music all imperfect because everyone wanted to approach God with that Imperfection to be perfect near God. No one including me tried to be perfect in my lyrics, music and instrumental sounds. And all imperfections together created an amazing imperfect musical lyrical songs devoted to Lord Shiva. Anyone who believe in dedication and Devotion , who believe in the path of imperfection to perfection shall listen to this lyrical music with original tracks and natural sounds. Anyone needing and deserving perfections in Music, lyric and instruments shall not listen this. This is not for your enjoyment but for bringing perfection near the door of Lord out of all your imperfections. Go may be there may not be there but at least God is always within us in our soul and heart. So this is also a journey towards your soul and spirit to recognize yourself. From Existence To Non Existence God is Everywhere. Lord Shiva is in every particle, in every molecule in every soul. Siva Shiva Shiva From Existence To Non Existence. Aakar Se Nirakar Tak-Lord Shiva
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"My Original Lyrics"-Listen Once-It's the Beat & Wave of Pain & Tears, Time & Life, Love & Passion, Pessimism & Optimism out of your Darkness for ever. I am sure you will not resist yourself from tears & finding the truth of Love & Life, Love & God, Love & Relations
"My Strong Astrological Recommendations" for your Dark Days of Grief & Pain, Financial Crisis, Job & Business Crisis, Unrest & Mental Turmoil, Family & Love Problems, Loans & Litigations. Be Sure Worship of God, Recitation Of Vedic Mantras, Certain easy Tantric Followings give miraculous Results for your Success and Growth, mitigation of your Troubles & Volatility. In Times of Grief & Despair Only Religious & Spiritual path carry you to a new world of Peace & Success. KEYS OF BETTER LIVING, HAPPY LIVING AND HEALTHY LIVING

Keys Of

Better Life

Happy Life

Healthy Life


Aditya Kumar Daga

Lyricist, Poet, Composer & Artist

Project, Marketing And Product Consulant

Astrologer, Cherionomer,Numereologist

Face & Body Reader, Vastu Consultant

Rudraksh, Herbal, Numeric therapist

Mantra, Yantra & Tantra Therapist

Seriously Note that this is only

"Astrology, Palmistry, Numereology"

And other Branches of

"Spiritual Science" like 'Face Reading', 'Hand Writing Analysis'

'Body Signs Analysis', 'Physical Traits Analysis', 'Foot Lines Anaysis', 'Meditation And Yoga' etc

where you will get reply of all your "confused & complex questions" which you fail to 'solve' or 'be solved'.

Astrology, Numereology, Palmistry By


Common Questions in everyone?s mind are

How to recover financial losses,

How to come out from downfall,

How to recover from your business and trade losses,

How to achieve & maintain good marriage life,

How to sustain love affairs & convert it into matrimony

How to maintain Sex life, get Children and sustain the married life

How to recover from chronic diseases, health disaster, chronic illness,

How to recover from bad times, disasters, social Dejection, Loss of Reputation,

How to face legal matters, Litigation, Court Cases,

How to recover from depressions, melancholia, stress, tensions,

How to maintain business partnership, make Business agreements, big deals,

How to ace family disasters, loss of family members, accidents,

How to face enmity, prejudices, biases,

How to make foreign connections, tours, settlement abroad,

How to make spiritual enlightenment, meditation and yoga to upheaval life

And many other questions you never get replied earlier.

And such complicated & complex Questions are replied

By Aditya Kumar Daga

in most explicit & clear terms in the most genuine manner without shadowing anything

I have provided many guaranteed solutions in last 30 years of my service

You will be surprised with the results through my simple solutions & Simple practices

My solutions are very specified and related to

Vedic Mantras, Yantras, Tantra enriched yantras in special cases,

Mantra Enchanted herbs, Rudraksh, Vastu Yantras and Herbal Oils

for removal of bad effects of malefic planets or enhancing the strength of benefic planets

You may take direct appointment or email me your details of Birth and/or your hand prints of both palms with your phone no & address.

Email on:-


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