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What Influence And Effect Your Life Most

Time Of Birth

Day Of Birth

Date Of Birth

Month Of Birth

Place Of Birth

Which Heavenly Bodies Influence You Most.

Planets Sun , Moon

Houses Of Heavens Group Of Constellations

Circle Of Spheres

Constellations Group Of Star

Influencing Time Of Birth Influence of Planets & Sub-Planets
Early Morning Birth      2AM to 4AM
Morning Time Birth      4AM to 8AM
Day Time Birth            8AM to 12AM
Afternoon Birth           12PM to 4PM
Evening Time Birth      4PM to 6PM
Late Evening Birth       6PM to 10PM
Night Time Birth         10PM to 12night
Mid Night Birth          12night to 2AM

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Day Of Birth Houses Of Heavens Group Of Constellations

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Your Birth Rashi :

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Date Of Birth Circle Of Spheres

From full moon to half moon Krishna Paksh
(Dark Period)

From half moon to full moon Shukla Paksh
(Bright Period)

Half moon(Poornima)

Full moon(Amavasya)

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Tropic of Cancer
(when sun enters into Cancer)

Tropic of Capricorn
(when sun enters into Capricorn)

Arctic Circle
(450 distance from Tropic of Cancer)

Antarctic Circle
(450 distance from Tropic of Capricorn)

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Month Of Birth Constellations Group Of Star            ....to Know More

March-April – Baisak
April-May – Jaishytha
May-June – Asshaar
June-July – Shravan
July-August – Bhadra
August-Sept – Aswen
Sept-Oct – Kartik
Oct-Nov – Aghan
Nov-Dec – Poush
Dec-Jan – Magh
Jan-Feb – Faghun
Feb-Mar – Chatra

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Place Of Birth

Every Birth is directly related to a specific location which in astronomy called a specific latitude & longitude of earth and in astrology called the Place of Birth. It is the most vital and most important parameter to find a correct calculation of Horoscope because Sun rise & Sun Set differs as per location that is latitude and longitude. This was the reason that Greenwitch Time, Standard Time etc has been developed to correct the birth time with Global Standard Time. So get the Correct Detailed Results about yourself as per your place of Birth. just write Your Time, date & Place of Your Birth and you will get the correct picture about yourself.

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